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A radiator is an integral part of your car’s engine coolant system. Its primary purpose is to keep the engine cool. If the radiator were to malfunction, the engine would overheat and damage the engine. When replacing a radiator, it’s a good idea to check or replace related items like thermostats, hoses, and clamps. We always recommend preventative care on your vehicles radiator to prevent major engine damage.

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For the radiator to function efficiently, it is necessary to maintain an optimal level of coolant. Coolant can usually leak due to cracks in radiator tubes or other parts. Whenever you find your car's temperature gauge indicating a higher engine temperature than usual, check the level of coolant and then proceed to inspect the other parts in the cooling system. The engine oil level also contributes to regulating the temperature of the engine. Contact your Andress representative for assistance with your vehicle.

As the coolant flows it collects impurities which can clog the radiator tubes over time. This can eventually cause the tubes to corrode. In some cases, the radiator can also cause the coolant to become contaminated. The rust that develops in radiator tubes can dissolve in the coolant, causing it to change color from its original yellow or green color.


If the radiator is continuously exposed to high pressure, the cooling tubes can break. If the radiator is made of plastic, it can get deformed at high temperatures. There can be problems with the other radiator parts such as the connecting hoses, thermostat, radiator cap or the reservoir. If you are experiencing any radiator issues call us today.

How do I know if there are problems with my radiator? The foremost sign is the overheating of the engine. The indications of overheating can be more pronounced when the vehicle is accelerating, while driving at high speeds or when the car comes to a halt after a long drive. Overheating can also be a result of electrical problems in the temperature sensor unit rather than the radiator itself. Usually, electrical problems will cause the car to overheat immediately after starting. If you are having any problems with your radiator come see us today, we have the right part for you.

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