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Auto lubricants play a critical role in the operation of a vehicle. There are different types of auto lubricants used in a car including engine oil, gear oil, transmission oil, greases, and various fluids. Each of these has a specific purpose, but their main objective is to reduce friction between moving parts. Using the highest quality auto lubricants is important for several reasons.

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Quality lubricants improve longevity, performance, and can prevent costly repairs.

Moving parts will wear down over time at different rates. Using quality lubricants will increase the parts life expectancy. This will ultimately make a critical difference on the major components of your car like the engine and transmission. A vehicle properly serviced with quality lubricants can extend its life by as many as an additional 100,000 miles.

If you are after peak performance, using quality auto lubricants will allow the vehicle to operate at ultimate efficiency for both fuel and power.

As your vehicle ages, it will run into typical maintenance issues. Even though lubricants and additives are an up front cost, they will keep your long term repairs to a minimum. Saving you time and money! See one of our experts today, your vehicle will thank you.


Lucas Complete Engine Treatment is a unique formulation that cleans and lubricates multiple systems in your vehicle. We recommend that you add this to your fuel. When added, it cleans and lubricates all components from the fuel tank to the cylinders. It removes deposits, protects against corrosion and helps the fuel to burn more completely, which helps to lower emissions, improves fuel mileage and increases power. When added to your oil, it cleans your engine and forms a protective barrier against heat and friction, improves oil flow in cold weather and extends oil life. This works with all engines and oil types.

Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak is an all new formulation of Lucas additives and very specific base stocks designed to stop seal leaks in engines! Come to your local Andress Auto Parts for the lowest price Lucas Oil Products in town.

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