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Working lights are important for driver safety and the law. If one of your lights are not working properly, come see one of your local Andress Auto reps. We have any auto bulb that you need.

Headlights come in wide variety of types, from the classic sealed beam units to modern halogen, xenon, and even LED bulbs. Buying the right bulb for your vehicle is key to getting the best night-time visibility. A good habit is to replace bulbs in pairs, as once a single bulb blows its partner is usually not far behind. It is also wise to take a few minutes to clean and polish the headlight lens if it has become foggy or yellowed. We stock a full line of headlight bulbs from the most popular brands.

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We know there are times when you need to replace factory headlight assemblies with units that match the quality and function of your originals. While it's fun to customize your ride, keeping things stock may be a priority. One headlamp lens may be cracked. You may have been in a minor fender-bender and the mounting tabs may have broken.

When you need to replace factory headlight assemblies with units that match their original quality and function, we've got you covered. Talk to one of our experienced reps today.


If you've got an older classic built before composite headlight assemblies became the norm, you'll find OEM style replacement sealed beam units. A sealed beam headlight assembly contains one or more filaments along with a reflector inside a glass case, usually with a glass lens. Because bulb filaments are sealed within the headlamp assembly, they cannot be accessed for replacement when burnout occurs. Instead, the entire unit must be replaced. Visit Andress Auto Parts for your replacement auto lights.

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